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Monday, December 7, 2015

Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders Now Available in Connecticut

Patients and their parents in Connecticut have frequently encountered great difficultly in obtaining the residential treatment for eating disorders recommended by their doctors.   In the past, residential treatment of eating disorders was only available out of state.  Insurers fought hard to not cover out-of-state treatment, and I think the expense of out-of-state treatment was one reason for that.  I will discuss coverage for eating disorders in a upcoming post, and grounds for appealing a denial of benefits for residential treatment of eating disorders.  

Connecticut now has a residential treatment program for eating disorders.  Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan recently started offering residential treatment.  I hope with in-state treatment available, it may be a little easier to obtain coverage for residential treatment of eating disorders in Connecticut.  It will still be a fight, but maybe we will start a little closer to the goal.  

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