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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Supreme Court Comes Through For Obamacare!

If you are interested enough in the topics I discuss in this blog, you probably already know that the Supreme Court, in the case of King v. Burwell, upheld the health insurance subsidies that are a key part of Obamacare.  In my civilian life as a liberal democrat and strong supporter of President Obama, I am happy with the decision.

But, as a Connecticut ERISA lawyer, I am happy for what the decision means for my clients.  For all the problems with insurance that I discuss in this blog, insurance is a good thing, and good insurance is a great thing!  Obamacare, or more formally the Affordable Care Act, is achieving its goal of increasing the number of insureds, and making sure that insurance is more likely to cover the expenses from a serious health condition.  You may need my help, or another ERISA attorney, to appeal an insurance company's denial of a medical claim.  I would rather have that fight, though, then try to keep a hospital from foreclosing on your house for unpaid medical bills. 

The Act does other good things.  For years prior to the Act, I had clients who used up their COBRA, or couldn't afford COBRA, and had preexisting medical conditions that prevented them from buying private insurance.  Or, once they lost their jobs, they had no way of affording health insurance, but now, they can get subsidies on the health exchanges.  

There are problems with the law, of course. and any program as huge as Obamacare will have problems with implementation.  But with the Supreme Court's decision today, the question of the legality of the Act should be over, and opponents and supporters can work together to make the law more effective and fair.  

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